16th Birthday Wishes - Birthday Messages for 16 Year Olds

16th Birthday Wishes - Birthday Messages for 16 Year Olds

Do you know someone who'd soon be 16? Find perfect birthday wishes to send to someone on their 16th birthday. Share these 16th birthday wishes with your friends via Text/SMS, email, Facebook, IM, etc.

I wish you wake up in the morning to a bed full of presents. I wish your birthday cake comes in your favorite flavor. I wish that your crush asks you out. I wish the music never stops and I wish you have the energy to dance all night long. Happy Sweet 16th Birthday!

I wish that your 16th birthday is made of of all those things that you dreamt of. Have a Sweet 16th birthday! Much love and blessings coming your way. Xoxoxoxoxoxxoxox.

On your special 16th birthday today,

May you be happy with love all around!

May everything be surround!

All the things you need and want,

Stay blessed this day,

A very happy 16th birthday!

Happy 16th birthday my dear,

Go party hard and spread the cheer,

Coz you are the best in everything,

So here is a wish for you,

Stay blessed in life,

Have an awesome day ahead!

Hey step out from your zone in life,

Because it's time to explore,

Go out there and reach the sky,

There is no limit no more,

Happy 16th birthday dear,

Spread that awesome cheer!

Congratulations on completing 16 years of your life. I'm sure it has been a rocking journey. May it continue to be all the more fun day by day. May the merriment and celebration never end. Happy Birthday. May you have a blast.

Happy 16th Birthday. This age may only last for a year, but trust me it will be an adventure with memories that will last for a lifetime. Have a great day.

Being 16 years old is a milestone in everybody's life because that's practically the last day they enjoy real freedom! Haha. Just Kidding. May your 16th birthday mark many more important milestones of your life.

You are not a teen anymore,

You are not an adult,

But, you are somewhere between the two,

Ok leave it; you are the best in whatever you do,

So, have a blast this birthday,

Happy 16th birthday!

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