Wisconsin volleyball team leaked images unedited


In October 2022, private photos and videos of members of the University of Wisconsin women's volleyball team were leaked online without their consent. The photos and videos were taken in the team's locker room after they won the 2022 Big Ten Championship.

The UW-Madison Police Department is investigating the incident as a potential invasion of privacy. The university has also said that it is "committed to supporting the student-athletes involved."

The leaked photos and videos have been widely shared online, and some people have criticized the players for their behavior. However, others have defended the players, saying that they should not be shamed for their actions.

The scandal has had a significant impact on the team. The players have been subjected to online abuse, and they have had to deal with the stress of the investigation. The team's coach, Kelly Sheffield, has said that the scandal has been "devastating" for the players.

The investigation into the leaked photos and videos is ongoing. It is unclear when the investigation will be completed, or whether any charges will be filed.

Here are some additional details about the scandal:

  • The photos and videos were first posted on a website called 4chan.
  • The website has since removed the photos and videos, but they have been shared on other websites and social media platforms.
  • The specific players involved in the scandal have not been identified.
  • The university has said that it is not investigating the players for wrongdoing.
  • The police investigation is focused on the person or people who leaked the photos and videos.

The Wisconsin volleyball team scandal is a reminder of the importance of privacy. It is also a reminder of the dangers of sharing personal information online.


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