Happy St Patrick's Day Msg for Wish on Twitter

St Patrick's Day is one of the world's most widely celebrated saints' days and shows the best and brightest of Irish tradition and culture. Interestingly, the colour first associated with St Patrick was blue but over the years green grew in popularity, thanks to Ireland's nickname - The Emerald Isle.
According to legend, St Patrick used the shamrock - a three-leaved plant - to explain the Holy Trinity. Hence, shamrocks and shamrock-inspired designs have become a significant part of the day.

Happy St Patrick's Day Msg for Wish on Twitter

"Happy St Patrick's Day" has been trending on Twitter, with people sending their wishes and detailing plans for the day.

Happy St.Patricks Day everyone! I'll be celebrating by watching the best Irish band ever @thescript at the M.E.N! Can't frickin' wait!!!"

"Happy St. Patricks Day. Start drinking breakfast at a quarter to ten? Check. Be in a parade? Check. Gonna be a good day."

" Happy St Patricks Day - Great #Green #Aurora happening right now. Our solar system is evidently Irish."

"Happy St Patricks Day, what could be more delightful than some homework and football? #WesHoolahan "

" "Thanks a million" & "A pint of bitter" - my fav Irish sayings. A tad stereotypical but hey....love the Irish. Happy St Patricks Day!"

" Let the green colors commence! Show off that green-anarchy that is so precious and beutiful~ idk happy st.patricks day #occupygresham #opdx"

Happy st.patricks day everyone wear ya green today or get pinch and have a great day."

"words cannot describe my excitement for tonight .. @  , Happy St Patricks Day! #onedirectioninliverpool"

 Roses are red, Shamrocks are green, Come down to @BikeBoutiqueLdn, Coz it's march seventeen!!! Happy St Patricks Day"

"Happy St Patricks Day to all my US friends who think they're Irish, English friends who wish they were Irish and Irish friends who know."

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