How to say shut up in spanish


There are many ways to say "shut up" in Spanish. Here are some of the most common ones:

  • Cállate (kah-yah-teh) - This is the most direct translation of "shut up." It can be used in a casual or formal setting, but it is considered to be impolite.
  • Cierra la boca (thyehr-ah lah boh-kah) - This literally means "close your mouth." It is also impolite, but it is not as harsh as "cállate."
  • No hables (noh ah-blah-ehs) - This means "don't speak." It is a more polite way to say "shut up."
  • No me molestes (noh meh moh-les-tehs) - This means "don't bother me." It can be used to tell someone to stop talking, but it can also be used to tell someone to stop doing something else.
  • ¡Ya calla! (ee-yah kah-yah-lah) - This is an exclamation that means "shut up!" It is very informal and should only be used with close friends or family.
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